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    Sold Raleigh Marauder (time warp) (20"c-c)

    Thanks Antwack, it looks brand new
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    Sold Raleigh Marauder (time warp) (20"c-c)

    £150 As new mint condition unmolested Raleigh Marauder gents mountain bike. This was purchased new some time in the 90s and used once to cycle round Pollok Park (less than 5 miles) then hung up in a garage until today. I took it out the garage put some air in the tyres (no they weren't...
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    Alan Super Record 1980 £500 ONO

    Yes it was my bike, I sold it about 3 years ago to someone local. It was totally minted when I had it
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    Alan Super Record 1980 £500 ONO

    I know this bike, curious to know how it ended up over 400 miles away in London?
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    Help pls! campagnolo C record Hub cap

    What about a wiper arm removal tool?
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    WTD: Selle Italia Flite Titanium

    Selle Italia trans am Flite Titanium For £50 plus postage if that is any good for you
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    Vitus Frame identification and suitability

    From my limited knowledge that would be one of the early Carbone3 frames made in December 1982
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    Vitus Frame identification and suitability

    Vitus Carbone 3 is bonded carbon frame You can read a little about it here Click
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    Nos Stock.

    Almost 300 clicks and not a even a proper post...
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    Timken 6001 2RS bearings BNIB SOLD

    Re: Timken 6001 2RS bearings BNIB Replied to TimeTrialAce pm ferrus you are second in line if TTA changes his mind Thanks
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    Parts clearout Brake Levers

    Yes they're still here
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    Rear derailleur identification

    Thanks chaps
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    Rear derailleur identification

    Anyone able to identify this derailleur hanging off this Alan Record for me please?
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    Mavic 501 rear hub shell

    Empty shell in good condition £8
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    Mavic GP4 front wheel SOLD

    1980s Mavic GP4 rim laced to Campagnolo Record hub Wheel runs true, plenty braking surface, no old glue residue to remove from rim, bearings could do with a service as been sitting in garage for past 30 years but still runs smooth enough to ride as is I don't have a box so collection only...