Last Saturday (24th March) saw the the first RetroBike meet of 2007, 27 members descended on the North Downs and had a blast around the trails. To read a full account of the day and see some pictures of the bikes on show read on or check out this thread in the Rides/Meets forum. The scene was set, the time was finally upon us, after nearly 4 months of pulsating expectation the day had arrived for the RetroBike Spring Meet 07. The previous months of secret training, the mass accumulation...
The jerseys will be as follows Get your orders in here.
The winner of February's "Klein Special BOTM" (copyright Gump) is Carsten's Klein Pulse Storm. Get your votes in for next month in the forum here.
January's deserved winner is felixdelrio's 1991 Boulder Gazelle Get your votes in for next month in the forum.
The first ride and meet of the year will be on Saturday 24th March 2007 on the North Downs. Get those retro steeds dusted off and ready to ride ! Time and exact location TBA.
We've had a number of excellent B.O.T.M.s over the past year and a half representing many different manufacturers, countries, materials and styles. Of all these outstanding rides the retrobike users have voted retrobikeguy's (now retroking #1's) Pace RC-100 to be the first ever Retrobike Bike Of The Year. Nice.
oldsteel wins at the first attempt with his super rare 1990 IRD CircuitRacer Get your votes in for next month in the forum.
After much clamour and demand thought it was finally time retrobike got round to doing a jersey. Since my design skillz are weak thought it best I throw things open to the masses AND give you all something to do over Christmas rather than watch Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark for the 20th time. Go for any style you like - whether it be totally original or inspired by some old classics (Brooklyn anyone ;-) ). Remember nothing too garish - I want to be able to wear it...
I'd like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It's been a great year on the site - let's hope next year is even better. Cheers John
After much clamour the retrobike world map is now online. Update your forum profile with your latitude and longitude and you will appear on the map. Happy mapping.
Jezza wins another BOTM with his immaculate Trimble. Vote for December now!
The new retrobike archive is now online here > http://www.retrobike.co.uk/forum/gallery2.php . The archive already contains hundreds of scans, photos and articles, however this is only a starting point, with your help it can be bigger and better............
Saturday saw the latest UK Retrobike meet take place at Cannock Chase. Everybody was riding retro, from an 89 Nishiki through a few Fats to a '97 Kona. Jezza and Trimble More pictures in the gallery with details in the forum.
Using archival footage, still photographs and interviews Billy Savage's film Klunkerz tells the story of the sport of mountain biking from those who were there. Some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as some more obscure characters recount the events that shaped the sport we know and love. The first screenings were to sell out crowds at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Check a review here as well as Charlie Kelly's words in the forum. Billy has sent retrobike a picture from the...
Retrobike Bike Of The Month October 2006 is Elev12K's Verlicchi DH Fat Chance 10th Anniversary First full susser to take the title. Another deserved winner. Get your votes in for November NOW!!