Withdrawn Yo Eddy *price reduction* £2,000


Retro Guru
Did you have the seat tube replaced? I noticed the seat post clamp is integrated into the tube rather than a fat Chance seat post clamp.


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Not sure how to edit the original description, but just to clarify on some points:

previous owner had seattube replaced and frame re-sprayed. It was like a mint green. I didnt like it so I had it re-sprayed last summer.
The forks came with the frame and, I believe are original (It came with the frame when I bought them). I believe these are BOI as they have the 1” diameter blades plus measure approx 360mm.

serial number is somewhat obscured by the paint but from what I can make out reads 8y4L (there might be a digit or two not visible under the paint)


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Is the seat tube still 29.4 or did they use are different diameter replacement?

If so, if it comes to splits I would be interested in the Ringlé post... :)