XTR Shimano FD-M901 - But for Manitou FS please!


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I am looking for a 1993 Manitou FS specific SHIMANO XTR FD-M901 front mech. Needs to have the band clamping system just like in the picture! Top pull only - remember!

OR! ... can I use a regular 34.9 FD-M901 on the 1993 Manitou FS frame? I dont know the exact diameter of the seat tube, yet.

Picture is so stolen! :twisted:



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Martin C

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Hello Fguki,

I have a FD-M901 XTR front mech just taken off of a 1993-1994 Answer manitou HT Frame. this one is equipped with a 34.9 clamp. It is for sale if you want it!
just send me a message. off course I can send you pictures


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Hi! Can you post a picture? The 1993 Version of Manitou FS has a very special version of the front mech with a frame specific clamp shell. I am looking for the very standard SHIMANO 34.9mm version with original clamp. Cheers

Martin C

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Good morning.
the front mech does look like it has been fitted with an aftermarket clamp. the solid part says 34.9 in it, but the mobile part is another type of alloy and the edges are more square.
I measured the frame: the seat tube has a diameter of 37.9 mm. The clamp on the derailleur has a range of about 37 to 39 mm. So I think you might be good.
I have added some pictures.

feel free if you have any more questions.
Martin tempImageRXPbIS.pngtempImagefWHIOl.pngtempImagefwI6E4.pngtempImagelAKvtb.pngtempImagekE7Fu3.pngtempImage9eXadl.pngtempImageikB5Os.pngtempImageeIXxjm.png


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I do have an all original one, nearly nos, had a years worth of use since early 90s. It was a shop display until 2011? and then stored in a shipping container until 2018? when i bought it and then it was stored in a zip lock bag as I don't have any top pull bikes :p


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Here are the promised pics ;)


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