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Decided to sell my Airborne Spectre t.t frameset.I built this as a fast road bike but I simply cant get on with the angles so swapping the bits to something else( yet to be decided ).There are a few marks to the decals that could be touched in but no cracks or dings of any sort.It was built in 2003 and is 3AL/2.5V titanium. Its an odd machine with aero foils to the head tube and seat extension. If you google airborne spectre now you will come up with an mtb as the name has been reused. I am looking for £345 for the bare frame or £410 for the frame fork and chris king headset plus carriage at whatever they charge me. The critical measurement on this is 65cm from b/b centre to the top of the seat tube extension.The seat post sleeve is welded into the seat tube extension and cannot be reduced so its a fixed minimum. The top tube is app 57cm c-c.If its of interest and you require further measurements then Please ask and I will get back a.s.a.p


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Withdrawing this. Going to try a number of different stems and an inline seat post.I really want to make it work so its back to the garage for a re think


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You can just change the prefix of the thread to ‘withdrawn’ 👍🏼