Whats your work horse, daily, go to, get around bike

This gets way more use than I expected... It's a bomb-proof Dutch sofa... Cost 50 quid and is a hoot to ride.

It is a great cruiser - single speed, coaster brake, 2 inch wide tyres with an upright riding position. Very simple bike, no cables. Flies along and has a large carrying capacity.

Orbea Arama Travel. The alloy frame, which is the only original bit left, is about 20 years old.
It's quite a heavy bike but is surprisingly fast. I've got 7kg race bikes that feel sluggish in comparison. Maybe it's just familiarity. 20240523_203846.jpg
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'Fraid theres nothing retro or specifically cool about my daily rider.
It basically gets me about, I pick up the shopping 3 days a week from the local supermarket, visit relatives and in the better weather go a little further afield.

Fantastic bikes folks, really good to see non gimmicky just practical bikes that work for you.
Liking that colour on the Rudy Project Jonny69.

@stevet1 "how do you find the juin tech brake caliper?"

Out of all the others on offer this looked the best match for my DX levers, as I
just took a gamble and had no idea at the time. So far am liking them, now bedded in
with a better matching rotor in 180mm I can get them to lock up or just feather them as needed.

My only gripe though this can apply to other calipers, is lack of spare parts if any and the
corrosion rust, have run them for 1yr and signs of surface corrosion on the caliper half bolts,
on one of the pistons due to rust on the brake pad backing plate, not drastic but perhaps
to keep them working long term some efforts to mitigate such.

Grime 1.JPG Grime 2.JPG