What is Raleigh 555 tubing?

It's one of their cro-mo tubes, they did 575 and 400 as well, probably more.

I guess it's the composition of the components?
Accles and Pollock , possibly.

I think 555 was used by Raleigh USA. Used to make cheaper cro mo frames sound better. I could of course be wrong. Further research would be needed for a definitive answer, if possible.
It could be anything, it is just a branding Raleigh used, I have a document somewhere I snipped something from some time back... one tick,

a snipped I grabbed from a forum, you could back search this to find more maybe
"The general cheat sheet is that 555RSL is Reynolds 531, 555T is triple butted cro-mo and thus may be Ishiwata EX, 555SL is double-butted cro-mo and a rough equivalent to Tange 2 or Ishiwata 022, and 555 on its own is straight-gauge."
edit and I missed this out too
EDIT to add, reverse search it , it was this post. Read the whole topic though.

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