What happened to Fusion bikes?


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I've uploaded the brochure scans to the relevant section.

Incidentally, I contacted Mark Bickerton recently (as he was part of Chainsport and then Fusion Cycles Ltd). Am sure he won't mind me saying here:

"Fusion was a brand owned by Chainsport Ltd which went into receivership in about 1992. Greg and I formed Fusion Cycles Ltd out of the ashes. We ran that selling Fusion for a while, and then Klein and Goldtec components….till in 1994 we lost both brands, when Trek took over Klein and Goldtec lost their grant funding. We then set about finding replacements, which were Voodoo and Dahon.

Then in 1996 Fusion Cycles Ltd was effectively taken over by MCL Group, and Cyclemotion Ltd was formed. Greg left the company in 1998 and I continued to run it through till 2005, when I took control and have run it as a trading name for my activities, which are now primarily focussed on Dahon folding bikes."



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Sorry for the thread resurrection..,..

I have a fusion 120 which I got from my dad.

It has tange tubing....

I have a idea it's very similar to a rocky mountain bike esp the seat stay intersection perhaps they were made in the same factory?

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Only really saw them in a shop in Plymouth but not on the trials or moors, I liked them as they had cool colours, like the Marin’s of 91/92