Wanted rigid forks with v-brake mounts


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I´m looking around for a set of rigid forks to replace the worn out RSTs on my 98 Orange Gringo.

Spec required
threadless 1 1/8 steerer minimum of 180mm (ideally 200mm)
v-brake bosses for 26 inch wheel
Axle to Crown 420-440mm

Must be willing to post (as collection is not possible) ideally to Barcelona, if not to my parent´s in South Manchester area.

Many thanks in advance


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Unfortunately, I am unable to send PMs as I only joined the forum yesterday and apparently need to wait.

I don´t know much about Cannondale frames/forks but from a quick search it looks like the Pepperoni fork might be too short (axle to crown) and the P Bone is not a rigid fork, so not sure if they are suitable for what I need.

I´m happy to be proven wrong, so if you can post photos on here with dimensions, we can find a way to go from there.




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P bone rigid forks are bloody lovely but I think the axle to crown was only ever 395 or possibly 410mm.

I too am looking find a 430-440mm lightish rigid fork to replace a 410 project 2..


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I have this carbon one. Should check AC tho. Selling it because for my Saracen I need one with less AC.


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Could be interesting, but all depends on the measurements (and price, of course;)

I´ve just checked and still not allowed to send PMs and not sure how long I need to wait.
SO if we end up doing a deal, we´ll have to find a way to exchange personal information.


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Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I was just weighing up some different options.
I found a brand new Kona P2 TB fork from a website here in Spain that ( I think) was too good to miss.

Thanks for the offer anyway.