Tomac 204 Magnum


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So I am currently trying to save a house deposit and this then this little beauty pops up for sale in the states so I had to have it!
Frame humber is 14 which is one of the very first of the production line, word is there was 200 made but thats not confirmed as apparently production was stopped before they were all made.

I am still unsure how to build it but it will have manitous and deemax on it (I think).

This is the bike as I bought it, but as soon as it came through the door I stripped it down and had to see it as juts a frame with the Manitou X-verts on it.


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Stunning - I had a Lawill 204 and it was an incredible thing. As I bought it, it had a set of X-Verts too which were totally at odds with the mega plush rear end! Think I ran Shivers on mine for most of its life... lad I sold it to switched to 888s and I think the last I heard, the head tube had ovalised. Would love another...


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Couple of new parts arrived for my build yesterday, few more parts on the way from all over the world. Cant wait to get this one built up


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Oh man that's lovely! I'd have the majority of the parts ready to make a John Tomac race bike replica with the orange xvert ti, deemaxes, tioga factory dh's, magura gustavs etc. but that frame is avoiding me heavily 😄

Looking forward to seeing how it builds up!