Tom Bromwich - Frame Number Stamping


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Hi all, I am a newbie to Retro Bike and am in awe of the breadth of info and knowledge in your thread exchanges !! Long may they continue :)

I have been offered an old Bromwich frame which has nice (lovely) lugs but it is tired and in need of a repaint. Before money changes hand, the frame doesn't carry any serial number stamping and I am left wondering if this is the 'real deal'. Other than R 531 and Bromwich frame decals the bike could be anything !!!!

Any thoughts or pointers as to where I could look in order to authenticate prior to buying !!!

Cheers, Smartyn


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Thanks Nob for your response. I plan to take some piccies over the weekend. I guess my biggest worry is “would a Bromwich frame leave the factory without a frame stamping ???


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Check,for stamping on the fork steerer tube rear drop outs or anywhere near the seat cluster.


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Just a couple of piccies I took today. No visible frame numbers anywhere. Frame feels light enough to be 531. No structural defects and all threads are clean and free. NO FORKS which could be a problem !!!


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