Through axle adapters and headset bearings


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Hi, ive recently pulled a GIANT ATX 2015 27.5 frame out of a skip. (With permission) its in a pretty poor state and missing pretty much everything. So I've been watch loads of YouTube videos like Old Shovel, monkey shred and Dream Builds and fancy having a go myself. Ive never built a bike before and tbh I don't know much about what I need.
I've bought loads of stuff for it on ebay, and think I've got pretty much everything I can think off, but I need some advice on through axle adapters for a set of wheels I've picked up that dont have skewers, and also a headset for a pair of ridged forks, straight taper. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


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Show us what you've got and we can help from there. Wheel adapters can be a mine field getting the right ones as they can be more wheel specific than frame specific

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