Syncros Cattlehead 1”??


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Hi fellow RB’s
I’m on the hunt for a Syncros threadless Cattlehead stem. I’m seeing some listed as for 1” steerer. Did Syncros ever make a 1” threadless version or are they all 1-1/8”?

I’m leaning toward them only being sold as for 1-1/8” steerers but would appreciate clarification. I’m tempted to order one listed as 1” knowing it’s got to be 1-1/8”

The one in the picture seems 1-1/8” to my eyes but unsure, thanks 😊

I think they did as a while ago I bought a 1 1/8” on eBay only to have the seller message me saying he’d made a mistake and it was actually a 1”….
Thanks for the feedback, I’m guessing they were much less common than 1-1/8, the listing is quite low, if the seller had it wrong would have been a great deal, I defo need 1-1/8
I've seen 1" threadless. They are rare but they do exist. It might be easier to thread a steerer and get a threaded headset.
The other option is to buy the 1&1/8th stem and use an adapter. I did that on my 91 Monster Fat.
I've definitely had 1 inch versions. One on an early clockwork (black) and a silver one for a build I didn't complete (yo eddy with 1 inch fork). Can't say if a grey one existed but they do exist in general.

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