Swede's surplus IV **New additions for April**


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Everything has been stripped down, cleaned, inspected, lubricated and put back together. Hopefully, I’ve covered everything in the descriptions but if I’ve missed something please let me know.

PP gift please

➡️ Ringlé Zooka
1” 1/8
10° rise
Titanium hardware
£110 posted

➡️ Answer A-TAC
1” 1/8
17° rise (I think)
Missing the bolt & top cap
£45 posted

➡️ ODI Manitou 2&3 boot kit
£30 posted

➡️ Shimano Deore LX (M563) hubs & cassette
FH-563 (rear) & HB-563 (front)
Front bearings are a little rough, so could do with loosening off & there’s a scratch on the flange.
8spd (CS-HG70-I) cassette AH group i.e. LX
11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28T
Salsa flip off skewers
The front is missing a seat/washer. The rear is titanium and the front is steel
£40 posted

➡️ Christophe toe clips
A few scruffs & scrapes but still very serviceable
£6 posted

➡️ Suntour XCD 6000 (BL-XD00) brake levers
£30 posted

➡️ Suntour XCD6000 (BA-XD00) roller cam
Missing some hardware
£8 posted

➡️ Kool-Stop Thinline brake pads
The marks are from set up, but they’ve never been used in anger!
£15 posted

➡️ Tioga patch
Sew onto your top, bag or whatever…
Dims: 10cm x 7.5cm
£6 posted

➡️ Salsa Flip-Lock Seat Collar
£18 posted

➡️ ABD Paul Langlands Grips
New & green
£6 posted

➡️ Answer A-TAC stem SOLD
➡️ Topline crank with Grafton crank caps SOLD
➡️ Answer Hyperends (Hill bends)
➡️ Ringlé Moby seatpost SOLD
➡️ ODI Attack endless grips SOLD
➡️ Pace extruder chainrings SOLD
➡️ Pace Titanium (outer) chainring bolts SOLD
➡️ Venhill Titanium (inner) chainring bolts SOLD
➡️ Answer Hyperlite SOLD
➡️ Panaracer XC Magic Compe Front (2.1”) SOLD
➡️ Panaracer XC Magic Compe Back (2.1”) SOLD
➡️ ATI/Panaracer Magic grips SOLD
➡️ Ritchey logic brake pads (x2) SOLD
➡️ Ultimate Machine Co cassette locking rings SOLD
➡️ Specialized (Titanium) Direct Drive bottom bracket SOLD
➡️ Shimano Deore XTR (CS-M900) 8 speed cassette [12,13,14,16,18,21,24,28T] SOLD
➡️ Sun Chinook/Shimano Deore XT (M730/32) wheelset SOLD
➡️ Suntour XCD4050 (SL-4050-CH) thumbshifters SOLD
➡️ Answer A-TAC stem SOLD
➡️ Unbranded steel stem (1”) SOLD
➡️ Shimano Deore XT (SL-M732) thumbshifters SOLD
➡️ Shimano Deore XT (FD-M735) Endless band version (1” ¼) SOLD
➡️ Suntour XC9000/XC7000 (SL-5000) thumbshifters SOLD
➡️ Shimano Deore XT(?) Hyperglide 7 speed cassette [13,15,17,20,23,28,30T] and Shimano Deore XT “UG” chain (110 links) SOLD
➡️ Syncros skewers SOLD
➡️ Suntour XC9000 (CT-XC00) cantilevers SOLD
➡️ Syncros Crank-O-Matic’s SOLD
➡️ Bullseye external BB SOLD
➡️ Answer Manitou 1 (1” ¼) SOLD
➡️ Crud Cog Hog SOLD
➡️ Stronglight 36T 110/74BCD chainring SOLD
➡️ Suntour XC 9000/XCD 6000 gear levers SOLD
➡️ Mavic 317 (1” ¼) headset SOLD
➡️ FSA Orbit 1” 1/8 headset SOLD
➡️ Specialized Aero Force helmet SOLD
➡️ Shimano Deore LX (M570) hubs SOLD
➡️ Muddy Fox Sorcerer SOLD
➡️ Shimano PD-M747 SPD’s SOLD
➡️ Shimano Deore XTR (M900) front hub SOLD
➡️ Suntour XCD 4050 front mech SOLD
➡️ Jandd roller cam covers SOLD
➡️ Suntour HL-3000 head binder SOLD
➡️ X-Lite Shimano shifter pods SOLD
➡️ Syncros riser bar SOLD

Karma stuff
➡️ Suntour XC7000 roller cam “roller” Given away
➡️ Onza barend plugs Given away
➡️ Suntour(?) 22T 110/74BCD chainring Given away
➡️ Shimano PD-M520 SPD’s Given away


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Can I din the Venhill Ti bolts. I'm missing one but need to confirm whether its outer or inner I need. Yes, I need these. PM sent.


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Hmmm there we go then . Seems i was misled on how things work here now :evil:


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Re: Re:

SLIM":3s05qm1l said:
Hmmm there we go then . Seems i was misled on how things work here now :evil:
Sorry Slim, this has happened to me in the past also and it's a difficult call. I got quite a few PM's and the rings were sold before your dib. Please accept my apologies but I couldn't wait.