Swap a 16 inch ti frame for....


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So, I bought a frame a while back which has sat boxed in the garage. Measured it last night as I was in the measuring zone and hoping I had something already I could build up.
Sadly this has turned out to be way too small for me. I could hang on to it for my eldest sons next build, but I'm also on the lookout for a 27.5er frame ad I have all but that to build a bike from.

Anyone have a 19 inch 27.5er frame they fancy trading against my ti frame?

A couple of pics below. No idea on maker I'm afraid, I bought it as it was quirky and ti. Wish it was larger but here we are. Its in pretty fine condition with hardly a mark anywhere. Forks are carbon but have been sanded so need a polish and/or repaint. I bought some lovely exotic carbon monocoque forks for the build which are qr and tapered which if this frame goes, I'll not have use for and could go with it.

I slotted in a 700c wheel as I had one to hand and there was plenty of clearance. Not sure of it is a 27.5 or 26er but it looks like it would take a 27.5.

I'm probably not looking to sell, I'd prefer a trade or part-ex, but let's see.

It takes a tapered fork, qr rear drop outs, post mount disc at the rear. Happy to take more detailed pics and measurements for anyone who is interested.


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