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Detailed pics of the below available here:

All prices in USD. Shipping is extra at cost from Canada. Please post here and follow up with a PM for interest, THX! ;)

NOS Kooka compact 5-bolt 58BCD - black 24t $35

NOS Syncros compact 5-bolt 58BCD 22t - silver $35

2x NOS RaceFace compact 94BCD/42T$35 each

3x RaceFace compact 94BCD/44T – lightly used in excellent condition. $25 each

2x RaceFace compact 94BCD/32T – lightly used in excellent condition. $25 each

Shimano XT m730 cranks 170mm #1
includes Shimano SG 46/36/24 rings and crank bolt dust cover. arms are in decent condition that would be good candidates to be restored by buffing/polishing up. OE + OC date stamped arms. $60

Shimano XT m730 cranks 170mm #2
includes 46/34/24 rings and crank bolt dust cover. outer ring is unbranded/marked, inner two rings are USA stamped. possibly Vuelta chainr rings? arms are in decent condition that would be good candidates to be restored by buffing/polishing up. PF + PI date stamped arms. $60

Ringle 1" quill stem
1" silver, 130mm, 0 rise. finished with titanium face plate and quill bolts.$120

NOS Tioga Avenger 1-1/8" quill stem
NOS with some shop wear, may have been test fitted but not used. 1-1/8" black, short with high rise. $30

ControlTech 1" ahead stem
1" black, 135-140mm, 0 rise. no decals aside from the one underneath. a few scraps to the finish as pictured. $10

Titec titanium handlebar
excellent condition, slight crimp on right side. full length uncut 22"/560mm and includes bar shim. $45

Marzocchi XCR
in very good condition cosmetically, and compress/rebounds great. 1-1/8" steerer a little over 140mm with about 55mm of threads. $75

Joe Murray branded Project Two fork
very good used but not abused condition. decals relatively intact. steerer is 1-1/8" 135mm w/ 25mm threads. $40

Manitou Three
needing elastomers, but hardware complete with all spacers accounted for. cosmetically in very good condition. missing one made in USA emblem on left leg. stanchions show wear on the black anodizing but are smooth and would be hidden underneath the area of the boots. included steerer is 1" that's 135mm long with 45mm of threads. $60

NOS 1-1/4" threaded fork steerers
two available, for Manitou crowns and compatible with brands. 215mm and 190mm in lengths. both have 50mm of threads and slotted at the bottom to install safety snap retainer ring. $25 EACH

Rock Shox Mag threaded crown/steerers (3 available) $30 EACH
  • 1) 1-1/8" - 194mm x 45mm threaded
  • 2) 1" - 134mm x 32mm threaded
  • 3) 1" - 140mm x 20mm threaded

Avid Ultimate SD v-brake lever
pair of Ultimate SD levers but missing one barrel adjuster. also RH lever has some damage and is slightly bent but still structurally sound. LH lever has slight rash. levers can be dissembled and reconfigured so so RH lever uses better condition LH lever instead. $100

Dia-Compe 987 Cantilever brakes
silver, excellent condition. include mounting hardware, straddle yokes and brake pads with plenty of use left in them. $45

LX m560 STI brake/shift lever combo
3x7 spd in excellent condition with a few light scratches. $45

LX m560 STI lever spares
no shifter pods. very good condition with a few minor scratches. $15

Tioga Surefoot IV flat pedals
excellent condition. axles spin smooth with no play. have grease ports. $25

NOS XT m735 f.mech
28.6 top pull, slight shop wear at top right corner of body at pivot, otherwise spotless. $50

Control Tech seat post
rider condition with lots of wear/scratches but structurally sound. silver 27.2mm diameter. uncut full length. all decals present. $25

1" Suntour XC Pro w/ Grease Guard headset
Good condition $30

Ritchey front hub
32h, bearings smooth, very good condition. $15

Salsa Mangos de Amor chromoly bar-ends
black, paint and logo worn and missing one end-cap, but in very good condition with no dents or bad road rash. great for restoration. $10

WTB speedmaster cantilever brakes… one complete brake set, with another partial set for spares - $75 ->60
what's missing that would make the 2nd set complete: 3 sleeves, 3 return springs, 2 return spring holders, 1 small washer, 1 big washer, 1 brake pad eyelet holder nut, 2 brake pads
Bontrager/Titec Ti handlebar, uncut full length, slight crimp to right end but very minor, logos intact with some slight wear to the Bontrager one, otherwise excellent condition - $60
Salsa CroMo quill stem, black 1-1/8th x 120mm with nice amount of rise, decals worn, as with some of the paint, but structurally in excellent condition - $45
XTR m900 crankset, 175mm, some heel rub, original logos relatively intact, chainrings have many miles left - $150 -> $140
XTR m950 v-brake set
Excellent working and cosmetic condition. Complete bikes worth with pads, mounting bolts, cable noodle and cover. $110
XTR m953 front derailleur
28.6mm top pull. Excellent working and cosmetic condition. $30
XTR m900 STI brake/shift lever combo
Very good to excellent working and cosmetic condition. I would rate 8/10 condition with only some minor scraps to the under side of the left hand brake lever, which wouldn't be too visible once mounted. $100
NOS XT ST-m091 STI 7spd shifter pods $35
DX mt63 brake levers
2 pairs available, excellent working condition, excellent cosmetically. $15 a pair
XT mt733 brake levers (black levers)
Excellent working condition, good cosmetically, slight fade to the RH lever body. $15
SXT m091 STI levers, no shifter pods - $5 or free with any purchase above.
XTR m900 canti brake set
Complete bikes worth with pads and washers. No mounting bolts or straddles. Very good condition with logos relatively intact. Few minor scratches in that area as shown. $60
Avid Tri-align II canti brake
Black, very good condition. Single wheel set with bolts and pads. No hanger. $55
Control Tech canti brake
Black, very good condition. Single wheel set with integrated spring/hanger, bolts and pads. $50
NOS Avid Tri-Align II canti brake set
Purple pair of 72 & 61mm arms. $165
Ringle H2O bottle cage
Purple, excellent condition, only a few light/minor scratches on the inner, bit of arub on one edge, point it downward and your good. includes "L" bracket. $45
Answer Hyperlite bar
purple, uncut (23"/585mm) and in excellent condtion. some fade bands here and there but nothing major which should be obscured by the cockpit. Very minor and light bar-end crimp on one end, light scratches on the stem clamp section - $45
NOS Avid Tri-align II canti brake
Green 61mm arms. Single wheel set with box complete with hanger, bolts and alan key. $85
Gorilla brake boosters
complete pair with mounting hardware. purple with possibly slight fade $25
RaceFace Air Alloy handlebar
matt metallic blue anodizing. slight scrap on edge of one end. otherwise excellent condition. uncut full length 22"/560mm. $45
RaceFace Air Alloy handlebar
shiny metallic blue anodizing. fade at centre from stem clamp, looks to be width/pattern of Syncros hinged stem. otherwise excellent condition. uncut full length 22"/560mm. $45
Ringle Zooka ahead stem
silver w/ etched logos. 1-1/8" x 135 x 10. excellent condition $70
McMahon MRC Ti bottom bracket
110mm axle 68mm shell, bearings smooth, excellent condition. $60
Chris King no thread 1-1/8" headset
Silver and in excellent condition - $80
Bontrager/Titec Ti handlebar
uncut full length 22"/560mm. minty condition, logos perfect, no crimp marks only a few light scratches/marks that would easily buff out. $65
XTR m910 STI brake/shift lever combo
3x8 spd. excellent working and cosmetic condition. I would rate 9/10 condition with only some minor scraps to the ridge near the shift indicators. $110
NOS XTR m900 f.mech
28.6mm bottom pull. $75
Ringle H2O cage
black. excellent condition with only a few very slight wear marks at edges and inside from bottle insertion as shown. includes original L bracket. $35
White Industries front hub (smaller profile, non-tracker version)
32h, bearings smooth, excellent condition. $35
Ringle Anti-chainsuck
purple and in excellent condition, with little wear to the chain ring edges. $15
NOS Panaracer "Magic" grips
Not much to say, except they are NOS "Magic" grips. $25
XTR m951 STI shifters
3x8 spd. excellent working and very good cosmetically aside from the missing gear indicators. traded
Syncros Hard Core Easton handlebar
black Easton EA70 bar. very good condition with centre logos intact, and end logos relatively good. uncut full length 22"/560mm. $60
ControlTech handlebar
black. very good/excellent condition with centre logos intact. some light scratches to the right underside that would be hidden underneath/by grips. slightly cut length 21"/530mm $50
Ringle H2O cage
NOS red in packaging includes L bracket. $65
Avid Ultimate SD levers
for canti brakes, silver. very good to excellent condition. few light scratches to RH lever body $90
Avid Ultimate SD levers
for v-brake brakes, black. excellent condition. $110
Paul ChimChim, in blue
Base is a shade darker than the extensions.
Bonus - will include a set in black for spares as well that has one cracked base, otherwise complete. $35
SRAM X-ray SRT-800 gripshift
3x8 spd. clear version, excellent condition with the exception of the few typical cracks around bolt area. includes a set of grip shift branded bar grips in good usable condition. grip ends have a few tears but are intact. $30
Ringle Twisters ti skewers
silver ti skewers with black lettering in very good/excellent condition. only one small nick on each lever edge as shown. $100
Syncros cattleprod/quill stem

1-1/8", 130mm, 0 rise and NOS… what more can i say? can't get much better than this! only a few slight light scratches from shop wear. $90
White Brothers TiBar riser
beefy and burly ti riser, definitely not for a light weight build. excellent condition trimmed to about 610mm/24". $80
Race Face standard triple chainring set 110BCD 46/36/24T – NOS with packaging. marked as 9SPD. $100
Race Face standard triple chainring set 110BCD 48/36/24T – lightly used in excellent condition. marked as 9SPD. $75
NOS Rocky Mountain branded Tange MTB fork - traded
teal for 1992 Equipe. steerer is 1-1/8" 129m w/33mm threads. $40
Syncros Cattlehead hinged - traded
1-1/8" silver 130mm 0° rise. freshly polished and will include a full set of replacement decals in black. includes steerer clamp hardware & plastic stem cap. $35
Syncros Cattlehead hinged - traded
1-1/8" silver 130mm x approx 8-10° rise. excellent condition, with original H&C decal at the back, and will include a set of left and right replacements in black. includes steerer clamp hardware & metal stem cap. $35
Syncros Cattlehead - traded
1-1/8" XTR grey 130mm x 0° rise. good condition with one scrap at bottom right of base, and some on the bar clamp. includes steerer clamp hardware, no stem cap. $15
Cook Bros Racing "E" cranks
excellent condition. Silver 175mm length with silver compact 94/56BCD spyder and all domed spacers/bolts. $160
Race Face EX titanium ahead stem
threadless Ahead stem, fits 1-1/8" alloy steerer or 1" steel steerer with stem shim. 135mm length, 0° rise. titanium stem bolt. secures inside steerer similar to a quill stem with internal wedge, then you add preload using the lock ring at the base of the stem. $100
NOS/NIB Kona Dr.Dew
Box is a little battered but all is good $35
Marzocchi Z2 Bomber
excellent condition functionally and cosmetically. cherry/ruby red finish is vibrant. only a moderate scratch to the finish in inner back side of right leg. one decal is partially torn on adjustment one adjustment dial at top. fork leg and brace dated 1996, so believe is 1997 fork. available steel threadless steerer/crown options: 1-1/8" is 230mm, and 1-1/4" is 205mm. your choice of 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" for $125, or take both for $150
Rock Shox SID SL C3 Dual Air
cosmetically challenged with scrapes and decals coming off. but functionally sound, though i believe it should be serviced and seals replaced. holds air with no issues for months. compresses and rebounds great. crown/steerer and stanchions are in very good/excellent aside from one scrap to outer left mid/high area of left leg, which i don't think the sliders reach when compressed. scrap is evident on left boot as well. 1-18" steerer is 186mm in length with star nut fitted. $60
ControlTech Control Stix Team bar-ends
black. very good/excellent condition some light scratches to one end. end caps present and in great shape. $20
Answer Manitou ahead stem
1-1/8" silver 120mm x 10° rise. excellent condition with a few light scratches here and there, and couple of nicks as shown on the left and under side. $70
Shimano XTR m951 v-brake (single caliper)
excellent condition XTR m951 v-brake. single caliper, one wheels worth. no brake pad/holders, mounting bolts or noodle guide. $45
NOS Manitou crown/steerer
1-1/4" threaded crown - 216mm length and 52mm of threads
Manitou crown/steerer
1" threaded crown - was NOS and i had cut it down and fitted a star nut for threadless use a while back. still respectably long 177mm in length, so threads could be added and star nut removed for use as threaded as intended still. minimal threads left of about 6mm. $30
NOS Cinelli Gammo ATB 1" titanium quill stem
test fitted but never used. 1" x 130mm x 0° rise. Includes original box and paper document. $130
Rock Shox Mag21
good condition with few scratches and missing a bit of paint on the arch brace. not the gold finish, but more bronze. compress/rebounds great. missing air cover at top. 1" steerer is 185mm in length. $50 can offer black canti arch brace for additional $15.
Ringle H2O cage
green with one round rub/worn area as shown on the outside. bottle insertion wear marks on the inside. otherwise in good condition. includes non-original L bracket. $15
Ringle H2O cage
red, slight fade. slight scratch on outside, worn inside from bottle insertion as shown. includes original L bracket. $20
ControlTech 1" ahead stem
1" black, 120-125mm, 0 rise. excellent condition with full decals! $20
Syncros compact 94/58BCD chainring set (44t/32t/22t)
champagne colour, in used condition with still miles to go. good for a rider build swap/traded
Specialized 1" quill stem
130mm x 5-10° rise. excellent condition and has pass through cable guide. $25
Altek v-brake levers
nice clean pair of black/silver Altek v-brake levers. the CNC work on this is exceptional and the feel of the levers on your fingers as you grab them is amazing. it doesn't get much better than these. $110
Tektro CNC canti brake levers
silver, excellent condition. traded
Rock Shox Mag 21 fork legs (2 available) with metal adjuster at top and rubber valve cover
  • 1) gold coloured leg, mint condition with drop-out that looks like they haven't been used $40
  • 2) bronze coloured leg, excellent condition $30
Marzocchi Z2 Atom Bomb
immaculate condition. only slight wear/rub to finish and decals. 1-1/8" alloy steerer is a nice 195mm length. $160
Answer Manitou (one/1)
cosmetically in excellent condition. includes 1-1/8" crown/steerer with Tioga Avenger threaded headset. Steerer is 200mm in length with approx 35mm of threads. no elastomers, except for a set of long red ones, which are still solid but may be too hard to use. most if not all the residual melted elastomers has been cleaned from the inside, but could probably do with another once over inspection. good to go once elastomers is added back. $150
Dia-Compe SS5 canti brake levers
good condition, some scraps to black paint finish. $20
Rock Shox Judy SL fork
excellent working condition with decent stack of elastomers. marked as SL with lighter weight 1-1/8" crown/steerer approx 210mm in length with star nut installed. great cosmetic condition with black cantilever brake arch. can swap for a less ideal condition yellow, or include it for additional $10. $120
ControlTech 1-1/8" ahead stem
1-1/8" silver, 130-135mm, 3-5° rise. detachable faceplate version. excellent condition with full decals, but slight smear on left/non-drive side! $20
Control Tech seat post
very good/excellent condition. black 26.8mm diameter. uncut full length. only flag decal on back, no side decals. $50
ControlTech 1-1/8" ahead stem
1-1/8" black, 130-135mm, 5-8° rise. very good to excellent condition with a few nicks to the finish here and there but with full decals! $15
Answer Manitou (one/1)
excellent working condition with fresh elastomers installed that compress/rebound nicely. cosmetically in excellent condition. 1-1/8" crown/steerer is a little over 5.5" - 140mm in length with approx 25mm of threads. $150
NOS Kooka compact 5-bolt 58BCD - black 22t $35 each
RaceFace compact 58BCD/22T – steel, lightly used in very good condition. $15
Avid Ultimate SD brake levers (red + partial black)
cosmetically rider condition with a few scraps and bruises, but fully functional and has titanium hardware. partially worn but unfaded red levers plus red and black bar clamps. good candidate for strip/polish. $70
Grafton Joystix
TEI stamped silver standard 110bcd, 177.5mm in length. very good to excellent condition, tapers/threads are fine. $170
silver standard 110bcd, 180mm in length. very good to excellent condition, tapers/threads are fine. a few minor light scuffs on inner side of both arms. includes inner bolts/spacers. $70
Ringlé Super Bubba + Super-Duper Eight w/ Velocity AeroHeat AT
excellent condition! HOT red Ringlé hubs + HOT red 32h Australia made Velocity AeroHeat AT rims. minimal brake rim wear. laced with black Wheelsmith spokes. some light chain damage on a few spokes above the drive side cassette hub, which would be hidden once cassette is installed. Michelin Wildgripper Hot S have decent tread, but rubber is dry/cracked but can be included if buyer wants them. $280
[bRaceFace Next LP (Low Profile)[/b]
white. carbon fibre with aluminum outer casing. compact 94/58 BCD, 175mm and requires 107-113mm square taper BB axle. very good to excellent condition. all threads and tapers are fine. few minor nicks and dings and some heel rash on both arms, more on drive side. $110
Race Face Turbine IB (I-Beam)
early silver w/ green spyder. Matching etched serial/length, not stamped. 170mm w/ 5-bolt 94BCD in excellent condition with a few minor nicks/scratches/dint here and there. Includes Race Face Turbine RS BB 120mm axle and 68/73mm chain line adjustable shell. $200
Ibis 1" titanium stem w/ ti cycles 25.4" mtb bar shim
Beautiful 1" (22.2mm) Ibis road quill stem, 120mm in length with 0° rise. Includes a 22.2mm to 26.0 Ti Cycles Fabrication bar shim that was used briefly with the stem to be able to mount mtb flat handlebar. 120mm in length with 0° rise. Condition is immaculate and decals are excellent on both sides. $200, combine Titec ti bar below $230
Ringle 1-1/8" quill stem
1-1/8" black, 130mm, 0 rise. minor nick underside near base, not noticeable once installed. finished with titanium face plate and quill bolts. $120
XT PD-m730 bear trap flat pedals
2 pairs available. very good condition, scratches/scrapes/wear from regular use. axles spin smooth with no play. $55 a pair


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what is the length in cm of the Titec??