State of the industry: a running thread

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If this is true (need to fact-check!) then this is a sorry state of affairs and that last point, a brilliantly awful example of just how mental the (state of) industry is.
I could be wrong but I read that as it's the price the 'new' Orange are paying for the old stock so just enough basically to satisfy the administrators?

Reading through it though I can see plenty of other companies folding, especially if they don't have the building assets Orange did.
In 2024 the world's Number one and number two add up to diddly squat.
The merger probably got them a new, bigger bank loan though, so i would imagine the execs all took a pay rise and some share options...
that they would have sold as soon as they could obvs - I mean they aren't stupid, are they?
Yet, even that amalgamation apparently didn't save them.
But why did they then sell up to SSU, which is what ultimately killed them.

Just to get bigger or financial problems?

As a side I think the same financial purchase 'model' SSU used when getting them is what was used for ToysRUs UK bringing the same ending.
The Toast series are quite interesting.
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