For Sale Specialized Stumpjumper pro m2 17”. Middleburn, Hope, X-lite, Judy, Flite, XTR, Thomson


Dirt Disciple
Medium, 17” green stumpjumper in very good condition. Rock shox, long-travel Judy xc forks with scrappy paint work but have speed springs and are working very well. Lovely middleburn cranks with very good condition rings x 3. Black Hope hubs on sunn mammoth rims, very little wear. Xt skewers. Maxxis cross mark tyres in excellent condition. Thomson elite seat post, fairly tired flite ti saddle, orange x-lite fly stem, azonic riser bars that were black and now 2-tone faded. Option of syncros cattle prod stem with flat syncros bars instead. Beautiful condition xtr rear mech, xt front, very nice cassette - possibly xt? Xt v brakes and integrated levers/shifters. One thumb paddle has lost its paddle but still works, albeit slightly less comfortably. Blue Hope headset working perfectly and an x-lite ti seat bolt, also blue but fairly worn colouring. Can include shimano spds. New lock on grips.

A pretty awesome bike that still rides fantastically but I don’t have the space to keep it.

In Oxford but can post and possibly deliver by hand in the Thames valley. Give me a shout with any questions.

£375 for all.

(Could also split but not ideally. Would be £125 for the frame and headset, £60 for forks, £65 for cranks, £75 for wheels with skewers, £25 for tyres, £25 for mechs, £30 for the post, £50?for callipers, levers/shifters, £45 for either stem and bar combo with grips).


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