Wanted Specialized Carbon Futureshock fork brace with cantilever stop

G'day everyone.
I am building a 1993 Specialized Epic S-Works version from NOS and want to build it up just as I want.
The desired fork is a carbon Futureshock which I already have aHR0cHM6Ly9mc3RhdGljMS5tdGItbmV3cy5kZS92My8xNy8xNzQwLzE3NDAwOTktdWFzYjM4ZmU3M245LWgtb3JpZ2luYW...jpg20210609_195028A.jpgbut I'm looking to buy or exchange the current brace which has a pivot for one with the old style cantilever stop. Attached are images of the one I have and the one that I'd like to buy if anyone has one available.

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Have a free bump - as I'm looking for one too.
I have the lower style brace on mine - but without the canti rocker :(

Good luck in your search 👍


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Did your originals break/crack or are you just wanting to change the style from the pivot to the hanger?