Specialised Rockhopper GSX 1995 - Headset Bearings


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I've been gifted a project. Its a 1995 Specialized Rockhopper GSX. It looks identical to this this one but needs some loving).

Although I has some (limited) experience on working on newer bikes, this is a new gig for me so I'm using it as a learning opportunity. Unfortunatley....that will no doubt mean a few questions from me on here.

The first thing is the headset. I need some new caged bearings.

My understanding was the steerer was either going to be 1" or 1 1/8" and I'd get the replacement bearings based on that. Now I just measured it -


I'm assuming I need the 1 ".

On my existing ones, they have 16 balls. I noticed on hopkinsoncycles they have -

Ones with -

- 16 balls

- 22 balls

Is there any advantage to getting the 22 ball ones or should I just stick to like for like?

I was going to ask if I could change to sealed but I suspect thats not a runner

As well as the cage being 1", you want the same size balls as the originals. They're probably 5/32" but, if you want to be sure, measure the size of the old bearings (in inches) using verniers then order accordingly from somewhere. If that's not an option, get the sixteen-bearing cage from Hopkinson Cycles.

The GSX is a Hardrock not a Rockhopper, BTW.