So it begins Ti Raleigh full restoration


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Last night I managed to bag the very last item on my hit list for the restoration of my Ti Team Raleigh, a near mint first edition San Marco Rolls saddle, I had one back in the day and found it the most comfortable saddle ever, but since the early 80s the high prices have taken the toll making some parts just too expensive, I have however been wise, bought sensibly and managed to get all the parts for the restoration at prices I am happy with but still spent well over my budget, but if it all cones together as I hope it will, it will be money well spent.

The frame is WB1****** so a Worksop frame and possibly one of the very last hand built full 531 frames to leave the Worksop factory, when I bought it a month ago I didn't know much about these bikes as I was really hunting a Panasonic 531 from the mid 80s but couldn't find any for sale, but I did stumble across this frameset and decided it needed a new lease of life, so long story short, it will be fully equipped with DA 7200 group, wheels will be Mavic Open Pro and the finishing kit is a mixture of Ambrosio, 3TTT and the Rolls, I haven't decided on tyres yet, should I go full black or does it need amberwalls?

So here it is, the frame in all its gory glory looking very sad, but hopefully not for long.

And now its nearly ready for paint, Yellow then the black before the red and the new decals, then finally the clearcoat.


More updates next weekend.
Its not ideal conditions to be paint spraying, but as I only have a few days off work, it needs to be done, the yellow is done, I am just about to force it off with some heat once it has tacked off then set about the black, hopefully I should have both yellow and black on by end of today, ready for the red tomorrow and the lovely decals from H Lloyds being applied before finally giving it the clearcoat, and don't worry about the stand, its my old one I was saving for the paint job. 20230805_082801.jpg
So the rain has stopped play in the shed, time to move indoors and start on some of the components, the black paint bloomed the atmosphere has far too much moisture in to spray today, so out with the 1000 wet n dry and a fresh coat of yellow that is perfect, will see what its like tomorrow for the black.

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I was going to use Holts but the reviews are not as good as the new Halfords paints, Hycote are also good but only small cans and very pricey, so went with the best reviews and it is very good, needs light coats though, its not a job you can rush.
Came out pretty well, will get the decals put on tomorrow and then a few coats of clear coat. 20230807_1321391.jpg
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Forks now finished, if the whole project turns out like this, I will be a very happy bunny.
The red on the steerer is the original red, so Tornado red is probably as near as you can get to original colour. 20230807_145310.jpg
Before you put the painting to bed, check the colour match of the frame and fork. It may superficially look a good match, but under different light conditions, it may look off. Bit like when you see resprayed car parts that are slightly off. We once bought an Astra, looked great in the day, but at dusk you could tell the door was a different colour. It used to annoy me that