Wanted Small frame

Got this:
16" 1998 Fire Mountain. £60 frame & forks, Original Kona seatpost & stem and 113mm UN52 bottom bracket, original seatclamp.
Was my wife's bike from new, powdercoated cream about 10 years ago.

Thanks but it's going to be too big.
Kona 7005 Butted Aluminium tubing.
14.5” rare frame and size. 26” wheels.
1 1/8” fork, disc brake mounts. Not much info online on the model. 2007 I believe.
Thanks. Is it a disc only frame? I need to check size, can try out a 12.5 spesh on him as that's my wife's bike size.

What sort of money are you after for it?
Disc and V brake mounts. I'm after £65 including postage. Just covering what I paid originally, because it's exactly my size and can build up if you don't take... Cheers.