Skeeter 1 's 1993 Kona Cindercone build thread.

Decals arrived today 🤟🏻
Annoyingly I'm not going to be at home now for a few days so I'll be applying them next week now...
Highly would recommend this chap if your in need of Decals 👌🏻 PXL_20240201_172912176~2.jpg
Thanks so much for the kind words....just a bit going on at the moment with little ones birthdays and esster

Thank you for your thoughts...I had thought about a full restore to get it back to factory spec,but now have decided to keep it as it's original condition. As if this was my bike it would be in this used but very well kept condition.
I will however add components I had upgraded to back in the make it truly mine once again
Very nice, well done on the build. How does it ride after all these years?
Just like I remember it to be...Very snappy and the best thing Is where the forks are new old stock,they are performing as they should.

Spent almost a day cleaning the blooming thing afterwards ha ha 🙃