Karma Size 47 shoes. Twin bolt SPD fitting.

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Can I ask why you think that?
We agreed that £10 would be sent to me by PayPal to cover cost of postage.
Proposed buyer took shoes some 4 minutes after ad was posted. He did nothing for 2 hours until @KermitGKona88 came on.
Immediately I received £9.41 from PayPal. No communication. I wanted know why less than agreed amount.
Buyer tells me it is my responsibility to stand PayPal fees.
The fact that he did not use f&f tells me he does not trust me. If he doesn't trust me then I don't trust him. He has retained the ability to reclaim payment so it is possible that he will get the shoes and claim payment back. This leaves me no shoes and out of pocket for postage. Far fetched? Not these days.
The amounts are ridiculously small but we are far from seeing eye to eye. We are each digging our feet in which is sad and stupid.
I'm quite prepared to chuck these shoes in the bin, I don't want this argument when I'm trying to help others.
I've offered to return £9.41 to him. I refuse to do a refund because PayPal will charge me £10 still leaving me out of pocket. He won't reply.

A petty and needless argument.
I offered to send £10 via PayPal. I’ve never traded with him. He wanted postage covered (£4) so I sent a drink on top. BUT the normal PayPal seems to have caused great upset.

As for not replying. I have house guests and a life. And a reputation to defend. And a feedback thread that supports it.
You expect me to pay to obtain reimbursement of my expenses. You live in cloud cuckoo land. I have offered to send you £9.41 which I have received but you refuse to supply your email address. I refuse to refund you and see £10 taken from me leaving me out of pocket by the amount of your charges.
I will send you £9.41 when you supply your email address. Paypal will obviously take their cut.
You have tried to pull a fast one and it has come unstuck.
The ball is in your court.
Your house full of guests didn't stop you grabbing these shoes inside 4 minutes. Pull the other one.
I'm still waiting for you email address to send you the £9.41 that you sent me.
Your house guests must be really important given the time you are spending on here.
What is your email address?
Why won't you supply it?
I was right to be concerned about you.
You will not be getting the shoes. You are a proven liar and I strongly suspect you will tell more lies and claim non delivery or some other fault in order to claim your money back. You should stand the fees. It is not my responsibility to pay to allow you to defraud me.
Indeed. But an enjoyable one. We have just bid them farewell. With ample sustenance for their journey south, in addition to the above.
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