Silly cheap DT Swiss spokes


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They are 15g and so require 1.8mm nipples, but these are ridiculously cheap for a quality, lightweight spoke.
None of the lengths available would work on 26” right? Or could you just cut and thread them?

Never built a wheel before this may get me to do it.
You can roll (not cut) the thread further down the spoke, I did it once as a penniless youngster when I found a box of 100 spokes for way less money than buying the three different sizes I really needed for a set of wheels, but it's very boring and I don't think I'd do it again. And you obviously need to buy the rolling tool:

and the head:

This is not a butted spoke, so you could cut them and roll a thread at any length. Because they are 1.8mm throughout they also make for a light wheel.
I've bought spokes from here before and they do also offer a spoke cutting and thread rolling service.