Show us your vape. Here's mine.

I would have thought vape shops would still be open, I mean the government are agreeing it's better than smoking.
Therefore they are a necessary shop. Or all these people are going to go back on the smokes.
I don't have a drink problem, I enjoy it.
We're all going to die, I like to smoke roll ups still too.
Lot less as I vape too.
Used to do 50g in 5 days. Nothing anywhere near that now.
Probably 30g in 2 weeks.
Love the idea of sharing vapes! Here's mine: a sleek black one that's been my companion for a while now. Got into vaping a few years back, and it's been a game-changer. The flavors, the experience—it's all been pretty great.
So sleek and black it is invisible on my DARKMODE screen
I've been getting on well with my vaping(cigarette quitting)

Seems theres 2 types of coil which give two types of flavour. Coil, and a plate type of thing(Dont ask me which is which)
I think it is the plate type which gives the most flavour and taste which is similar to the disposable, and the coil type which makes everything taste somewhat minty methanol.
So I've stuck with the type that means the flavour is more fruity than minty, though it means the vape is the type that has a disposable chamber, which i think are known as 'pods'
Vape Im using 90% of the time is an AEQ 2.0, which is quite a basic thing(Cheap at £7 plus the cost of the pods, which is 7.99 for 3, each lasting about a fortnight), and I buy a few disposables per week along with it.
I think I'm spending about £10/month on the vape liquid(Elfbar) and maybe £40/ on disposables, so £50/month, where I was spending about £70 or so on tobacco.
Not a huge difference money wise, but the health benefits are what it is really about. I was pretty sure I'd reached critical mass on 35+ years of smoking tobacco. You can smoke for so long and the damage appears to be minimal, then in the course of a year it all seems to hit you hard and you can tell its reached critical mass and is on the point of killing you.

So we're now on approximately month 4 of being tobacco free. :)

Maybe one day I'll be nicotine free, but as its 99% less harmful, maybe not and thats just the price to pay to remove the dangerous tars, resins and toxins out the system

I read the title of the thread and thought "who gives a toss about comparing and discussing vapes? What a lame topic to get enthusiastic about".

Then it dawned on me that's likely what 99.xx% of the population would think about old bikes..
I was going to say you can't ride a vape machine thingy but who knows what these guys get up to 🤷

I thought these still had a butt ton of nicotine in them though or are there nicotine free 'juices' out there