Show us your Salsa ala carte's and everything Salsa.

04 ala carte. Got the frame from a forum member, went shopping in the shed, then went shopping at the lbs. supporting the local businesses with €1,95 for a brake cable and voila. Super simple build, most parts are mismatched but somehow this type of bike delivers the most fun!


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You are not wrong there bud. The Fats were uber cool bitd. For me at the time it was a choice between a car or a Fat and the bike won :LOL:

I have some original Salsa t shirts somewhere, if they haven't been eaten by moths by now.
very different bikes made for different trails. Yos are high BB, stiff, laidback seat angle, shorter front center, quick handling bikes. Geo and tubing are perfect for tight steep wood trails. Salsas are california bikes w/ low bb, small diameter tubing, short top tubes... stable, shock absorbing, relaxed handling.