show us your Rocky Mountains!

that wedge is amazing!!!! :cool: :cool:

Thanks! It fun to think back at all the good times I’ve had with this bike. Here is a photo from back in 2008 when I commuted year round with it. It was -34C, I had studs fenders and an Alias HID headlight on it. It was a machine back then. To think it had a even harder life of riding 20 years prior to that, when I was just a young pup 😅

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Well done, sir!
Thanks MattThundrr! We’ve been through a lot together, I’m still amazed at the shape of the paint considering what we’ve been through. Here’s more commuting and winter pleasure riding

Locked at the compound at work. On my way home. I always looked forward to the ride home at the end of the day.

The icy Broadway bridge, the studs were like Velcro 😀 Notice the huge HID light that kicked ass before LED were a thing. I still have it 😇

Riding home during a snow fall The OEM thumbies. Well the left on is as the right was upgraded to a 7speed back in early 1990’s

Pleasure riding before Fatbikes were a thing I loved these fenders on it, although my buddies thought it was the equivalent of grafting arms onto the Venus De milo 😂

The Grand Trunk Train bridge back in 2005. There is now 8 lane Freeway bridge beside it named the Gordie Howe Bridge 🥰
absolutely love this bike and i'm just one province over. Just curious what era is the wedge?
Thanks, its a 1988 that I purchased new from Re-Cycles in Saskatoon. There were only a few of these made at the time by Lance Bohlen.

Are you in Alberta or Manitoba?