Shimano XT M730 SG-X middle ring 36t


Dirt Disciple
Hi All

I am looking to complete my Zaskar build and need a working middle ring to replace worn out one I have (ball breaker). It’s for a Shimano XT M730 SG-X middle ring 36t in Black or Silver. It must be useable condition / not slipping on a new chain.

I also will consider a Onza, Tioga or other brand that will work on a 7 speed chain.

I am living in Ireland for shipping costs etc.

Thanks for looking



Dirt Disciple
Thanks for the link, but they’re not shipping to Ireland, but I will try and source that brand in another store!


Old School Grand Master
Got a 37 tooth PACE on here:



Dirt Disciple
Thanks Minifreak, I am going to pass on the Pace ring, the shape and colour are to modern for the stock Shimano XT look I am going for. Good luck with the sale👍