Shimano FC-M960 Hollowtech Stop Plate ?


Retro Guru
I've lost mine, does anyone have one please? It goes in-between the two pinch bolts on the left crank arm. Replacements are available but they don't mean to be M960 compatible

Any heads up to anywhere that stocks them or if you have one and the crankset is long gone please get in touch :)



Senior Retro Guru

i hardly ever remember to fit these and have had no problems with the 4 hollowtech cranks i've used (including m960) I suspect the main use is to stop the mechanically inept over tightening the 2 bolts and cracking the crank arms. As far as i can tell the distance between bolts seems consistent . Shimano calls them Crankset security plates and appear to come in 2 flavours - for 3 speed and for 2 speed.