Shimano 600 RD-6208...Spring Tension Issue.

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I have caused myself another problem...

Wanting to give the RD a good clean I removed the jockey plate and the jockey wheels, etc unfortunately the tension/knuckle spring(?) does now not want to return to its original position as I do not have the strength or another pair of hands to apply the force required...I know I'm a weakling :LOL: What I mean is that it will not go back to its original position seated just behind the main body of the RD but instead sits too far forward...there is a pin in the way which I know could be removed?

What do I do?

I took it to my local bicycle shop and he didn't fancy the job lol

Many thanks
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You can clamp a hex key into your vice/onto your table and put the screw/derailleur on it to free up one hand. At least that´s what I do when I clean up/disassemble the pivot spring (the one that screws in the hanger). Should work on this one also?
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Hi Peoples...It was a very simple job to remove the pin as it wasn't stuck firm and took me a minute or so...anyone know where I can find simple instructions almost Dummy Guide like to stripping down a 600 RD and rebuilding it? Just wondered lol