Scott Dommett's Coyote in MBUK Dirt


Retro Guru
I think it's fair to say that JMCs bikes kind of dominate MBUKs Dirt video. But BITD I really liked the look of the Coyote bike Scott Dommett rode. Probably as it looked similar to a Kona.

I've searched through the net and forum to see if anybody has info / similar bike but it seems that there isn't much interest in this bike. I've seen a few comments here and there but nothing major (unless I've searched for the wrong keywords)

I'm not really interested in the components, just what the frame and fork are.

I always though that this bike was a steel frame, but looking more closely on the youtube copy of dirt somebody has uploaded it looks like is may be an alloy frame. Are those P2s or did Coyote make straight blade forks too?

Any help identify this frame / fork would be appreciated. Maybe once I've worked out what it is I may look into building one up, if they are still around.
I re-watched Dirt over the weekend. It definitely is an aluminium Coyote, I think it predates the HT1/2/3/4/5 models and is the original Coyote Ultralite MTB frame.