Sorted Saracen Max Drive SuperLight Tange chromoly fork 1 1/8th

fiendish feet

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I need one
Saracen Max Drive Superlight Tamge chromoly Fork
Tange Ultra lite
1 1/8th threadless
Lenght 210 -220mm
Any colour but flamboyant violet would be heaven ..
For 94 Kili comp
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I have a set in green. I'm not sure what tubing they are made of, from a killi of a little later vintage than 94, the one with the wishbone stays. Steerer is around 215mm. They have scuffs on the outer legs but solid otherwise, no dents or dings, just patina.

Previous owner has pushed the star nut a fair way down, and it has a bolt in it. I was just going to push it out the bottom and fitbs new one or use a head doctor (after pushing the star nut out, wouldn't leave it in there, think of that extra weight.

If of interest let me know. Not desperate to sell as a nice looking fork that I'm thinking of painting and using, but that said, I'm losing my garage in October so do need to part with stuff
Are these they?
Apologies for poor photo, but they're all I have at the moment. Photo of frame shows colour better than fork picture. Forks are in storage, can get them out at the weekend and check measurements if you like. Pretty sure they'll be 200-210mm steerer, The frame they came off is sat next to me at work and headtube measures 135mm.

Kili forks.jpg Kili Comp.JPG
Yes they do indeed look correct they have a slight rake ..
Yes i would like these very much
My headtube also measures 135mm
Regards Wayne