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Right, I’ll probably regret this but here goes. I’ve decided to sell my 1990 Santana Moda frame and fork. I bought it last year with a view to building it up to the exact spec from 1990 but I’m struggling to find the time.

Overall it’s in decent condition with one exception being the ding on the top tube shown in the pictures. It’s not that deep but its noticeable.

Original paint. I believe it’s called Cyclam. Decals are original.

The photos don’t do justice to the colour in the light. Also the beautiful lines on this frame.

It’s a 1/8 head tube and takes a 27.2 seatpost. Seat tube 19 c-c and 20 C-t
Top tube 22.75

Here’s a bit about the Moda. There will be more knowledgable people on here so let me know if anything is incorrect. Based in Southern California, Santana we’re/are more famous for tandems. But in 1988/1989 they developed the Moda to compete in the MTB market. Fillet brazed (until later when they introduced a TiG welded version) and made of Columbus Max or Max OR tubing. They were produced between 1989-1993. You see them for sale every now and then but not often.

I am looking for £500 for the frame and fork. I’ll include a copy of Mountain and City Biking from 1989 which includes a review of the Moda and the build spec.

I’ve got the Tioga carbon seatpost and Matrix ISO-C rims if anyone is keen on completing the original build.

And I’d potentially trade for something of similar value that I’d be happier riding. Like a Fat Chance

Any questions just let me know. Cheers


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Lovely bikes and very glad it's not my size. GLWS Ryan