Rocky Mountain chain suck protector

Three bolts are for repositioning the plate for std/compact set up. The 95 Vertex is the same. The Vertex is an aluminum plate, similar but not quite what FMJ has. The DeKerf is a thinner steel plate.

FC, check your PM. I'm sending you a link to more reference pics. ;)


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Sorry I am late to this thread SenorFluffmeister the chainsuck device on my 93 is not a plate but three concentric aluminium discs retained with three bolts very simple and easy to replicate.
ah yes, captaincosmic. This thread was linked as info for charlieboy. I know you posted the 1993 setup, I guess I should add it here for info at some point.

I was either going to cut one out of ALU or seeing yours just use washers.

if anyone could trace the designs out with measurements... I've since forgotten and lost the PM's from anyone in this post.

The three bolt versions were aluminium ovoid shaped washers about 5-8mm thick each individually mounted by a bolt and washer

Yes I have a set on one of my Altitudes (obtained after this post iirc).
But not my other and I was just checking how they mount on. :)