Rims, Black 32 hole 1988-1990 era.

Andy T

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Hello folks,
Looking for two black rims, 1988-1990 era to progress a build.
Must be in fabulous condition or NOS.
32 holes.
Wolber AT, Ritchey, Mavic Oxygen M6, Ukai Zia, Ambrosio New Ontario or Araya RM17/20/25, RX7 or XA-1 etc.

Preference for Araya (Rim decals are nicer than others) :facepalm:

Must be black.



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Clearly this is not what you’re after, but I do have a barely used and very tidy pair of M6 Oxygen in ceramic (black) but 36h... close but no cigar. What hubs are you matching to, out of sheer nosiness!

Andy T

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32 Hole XT732.
First decent XT hubs I came across for the build rather than a calculated decision over 36 Hole.

36 Hole Rims now seem more plentiful in hindsight, may just look for a set of 36 Hole hubs ......