Revell Rapide vintage bike


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I am looking to get some information on my dad’s old bike. I have searched the internet but cannot find much information on Revell bikes and nothing on Revel Rapide bikes.
Is this bike of good quality and what would it be worth?

f7407bde-bf75-4063-b3ed-739e6f77f933.jpeg c0521341-1138-43a6-b2fa-69f782b3a862.jpeg ca82a3f8-8ff0-4906-959e-1911f92c284c.jpeg 9e838ccf-6143-4aaa-be1b-35c8ae24f091.jpeg cd7fcd1a-e49f-4350-a48f-6a6337c86076.jpeg eaa5f468-10df-4df6-a350-4ca6de00beae.jpeg
Revell later became Orbit. Probably their most well-known model was the Romany. Always nice bikes, well thought out tending to a touring / audax market and a quality product.
Thanks! I have found a bit of info in the Revell Romany bikes but nothing on the Revell rapide. Has anyone seen one of these before or know their value?
Yes I had. You'll see yours was made by (or rather for) Madison in their early days. In my experience they were all generally made of 531 - e. g. ST for ROMANY, C for RAPIDE model. Having said that I now have one of 501 throughout!
That 4130 sticker on yours looks too new and a bit wonky in my opinion to be accurate. If a genuine Rapide expect it to be built of Reynolds 531C. Looks like it has had a dodgy repaint in the past? EDIT on 2nd thoughts the paint looks original. This is a bike worth saving.
The Revell range were sold in the Freewheel catalogue in the 80's which was largely Madison cycles products. The rapide I recall around 84 / 85 had shimano 600 groupset.