Retrobike Meet NW England - September 6th

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Retrobike Rider
You are cordially invited to attend the second annual Retrobike Peaks Rideout on Saturday 6th September, facilitated by Mr Kawasaki and his by now experienced management team.

Fun and thrills aplenty, with a proper day ride across scenic and sometimes challenging terrain, winding up in decent accommodation for dinner and the now legendary Satruday night Retrobike Pub Quiz.

Lots of information being gathered on your behalf regarding choice of accommodation - we'll be based in Hayfield once again - and new routes to follow.

After a strong turnout in 2007, let's see who's up for it this year....

Mr K

Last year's pictures here: ... emId=31225


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Gutted I missed last year for a wedding :(

Will be there this year :D

Good job sun has been ordered too ;)


Old School Grand Master
thats good the vision of me hurtling sideways down a mountain in a ball of exploding flames screaming this is all your fault popped in my head.... :shock:
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