Restoration - Sun Worksop - (Help)


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Hello All

I am brand new to the forum and have come in search of help!

My partners Dad has given me an old Sun Worksop Road bike to hopefully restore and bring to it's former glory.

All I really know is that he purchased the bike around 1971 (second hand) and was originally a racing green. He then sold it to a friend who unfortunately painted the bike. Meaning there are no stickers to help identify what model the bike is.

I want to restore it to be exactly like it was when made. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone could help me to identify what bike it actually is.

I have looked on the frame and the only marking I can find is on the left hand side of the drop back. This reads 5527u. I am not sure if the below will help as I am very very new to all of this, however, please see below list of parts that are on the bike

1. Pivo Handle Bars
2. Huret Gears (5 Speed)
3. Williams Pedals
4. Weinmann Vainqueur 999 Brakes
5. Brookes Leather Seat

If anyone can offer any help / guidance on either what the bike could be or where I can find out it would be greatly appreciated.

If you need any more information please let me know.


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Update: I have spent the last couple of hours cleaning and stripping down the Bike.

Basically when I have given the bottom of the bike a good scrub some of the paint has come off and (partly) revealed what looks to be a serial number on the underneath where the pedals join the bike (not sure what the area is officially called) which looks like 24 (something) 56 (maybe 5:cool:.

I have attached a couple of pictures one normal and one black and white as the numbers pop more. I don't know if there is a format for the serial numbers on bikes and will be doing some research tonight, again any help or advise would be appreciated.

p.s. Also found original colour when trying to remove the forks (which seem to be stuck and wont come loose from the stem???) turned out to be a lovely colour. Attached for reference in case it helps.


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Hey Terry

Thank you for the reply I have shared the pictures with Paul and he says that he remembers it looking a lot like the bike you have shared.

I am hoping to wire wool the under frame today and get the whole number from underneath. If I manage to get that number will it help to identify the exact model?

Cheers for the advice!


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Hey All

Quick update number has come up now 246156.

I’m looking online but everything seems to indicate that there should be a letter as well?

I will spend some time on google and hopefully find something that coupled with Terry’s comment hopefully I can narrow it down some more.

So the numbers I have now are in pictures attached.

Again any help or guidance in the right direction is appreciated.


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Unfortunately I do not have Facebook, do you know of any other references?

Thanks for the help.


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Mike Jane is your man as he is a font of knowledge regarding Sun and Carlton, active on here and facebook.
His forum name is Spokesmann



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Hey Jamie

I will try and reach out to him see If I can get a response.

I did speak to someone yesterday that advised that they believe it to be mid 60s. Really want to try and find the model though to get the decal right.

Becoming slowly obsessed with this bike!

Thanks for the advice


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I’ve sent him a message, however, it is sat in my outbox and won’t send?

If anyone can put me in touch that would be great.