Read me likke a book


MacRetro Rider
Dont be predictable, dont wear your tastes on your sleeve otherwise others will read you like a book.............a cautionary tale :facepalm:

In Edinburgh we have the ultimate retro cyclists man cave called the Edinburgh Bike Station. In this ex industrial unit south of the city centre sits a bicycle recycling and refurbishment charity. Within its showroom area you will see many a classic old bike on display plus heaps of refurbished bikes for sale and loads of recycled components also for sale. for one have been visiting this treasure trove since it was situated in the vaults beneath the ticket office at Edinburgh's main train station hence the name bike station. Consequently I have aquired many an old bike or component and thus they know me and my tastes.

Today I sauntered in as it was peeing down with rain and I needed a diversion. Recently my bike mojo has seriously waned due to new job, changing domestic arrangements and health situation so I recently cleared out my man caves of a lot of junk to the bike station. I was not looking for anything let alone a project.

They spot me and before I know it they are giving me the sales patter on a late 90's Peugeot mtb of curious design and yes it had me written all over it. Thankfully it was too small and I did not have £95 to spare....phew !!!!!

Made my excuses and started to browse, nice set of marzocchi bombers here, cool gary fisher there, lots of cheap junk but the odd gem and numerous variously priced frames. All very enjoyable, kind of like the museum experience but one in which you can pick up the exhibits :D
Nearly made it to the door as I walked past the "wall of frame" where they hang a variety of frames all priced at £20 for the punter to base a project around. Usually its a mix of road and mtb frames often a mix of retro and semi modern, not usually high end, often a bit tatty but structurally sound. Usually most of it is of little interest to me as often they're too small for my 6'6" height. But damn their sneakieness, there it hung, my nemesis, a big old retro bike, frame fork, headset, stem, brakes and BB in cromolly for £20 :shock:

Saracen Tufftraks, U-brake framed era, red,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,me written all over it.............cant resist and believe me I tried......£20 gone its mine :roll: :oops:

Now I have to get the stuff to build it, the bike station know me too well I am an addict and they my pusher :LOL:
I too face this dilemma if I do so much as go near my local secondhand bike shop, and yes only yesterday they relieved me of my money ;)

Must visit your dealer sometime, sounds like my kind of place.