Rc200 problems

Rightly or wrongly I've taken a punt on it...

Seller tells me that the seat clamp has been replaced with a fresh one via Pace (I will wait and see with that) and obviously I know about the BB issue.

In all fairness, its not going to be ridden that much when built, so if the BB is serviceable, I will use it.

I've been after one for 25/6 years since I was at school, and I know it would get built to the spec I want and used once or twice a year, if that.

Im probably daft for doing it, but if I wanted to use it regularly, it would be a different story, plus I'm looking forward to tacking to smaller frame jobs to see how they go too.

Worst case, it will end up as an ornament and I'll hunt another out.

Hit me with your abuse! ;)