Raleigh Clubman 12 1983


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I’m hoping that someone in Retro Bike land will be interested in the following bike. I’m selling this on behalf of my neighbour who is helping a family friend clear her garage. Her husband passed away quite suddenly in his early 80s and had been a very keen cyclist.
This is a nice and original (one owner from new) Raleigh Clubman 12 in good to fair condition. It seems to have only a few minor changes from the original specification. The pedals are now Shimano PD-A550, but one of the toe cages has broken. The saddle is a SMP Selle Gel Tech and the bars have been changed to Cinelli from the original Raleigh Italienne. It’s a 22½” frame with 27” wheels. I’m 6’4” so it’s unfortunately too small for me.
The photos show what I think are the bad bits. A small rip in the saddle. Some rust where the original pump sat in the frame. Slightly ripped bar tape. There is one missing dropout adjuster. It has new tyres (nothing very fancy), and I have the original mudguards; although one of them is damaged.
The bike appears in the 1983 Raleigh catalogue and is the Campagnolo 980 equipped version with Reynolds 531 tubing. Very tidy for a 37 year old bike. The owner’s widow would prefer it to go to a good home and to someone who would really appreciate a bike like this - to sort of keep her husband’s memory alive. The LBS offered her £50 and another shop told her to take it to the dump as “no one’s interested in old bikes”!
I’ve previously had it valued on the Forum and would accept the suggested £200 – which seems reasonable for a Reynolds 531 bike. Collection from north Bedfordshire would be preferred although I could deliver up the A1 corridor from North London as far as Stamford.
Please message me if you have any questions – it needs a good home…..

Something to think about over Christmas.


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Ciclista59":3lrueyer said:
The LBS offered her £50 and another shop told her to take it to the dump as “no one’s interested in old bikes”!

Philistines! Seriously though, what sort of bike shop says that? :shock: I suppose I can think of a few...

£200 sounds totally reasonable. Personally I'm not in the market for another road bike right now (love the colour, though!) It can take a while for things to sell on here, so I'd suggest putting it on eBay too if time is a factor - with enough pictures and a good description it could reach £200 - eBay can of course be very hit and miss, so maybe a £200 buy it now (or close offer) rather than an auction? Just my thoughts, for what that's worth, having sold quite a few bikes on there.

Good luck anyway - deserves a good home, and it's always nice to see such an almost fully original bike from this era.


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hi im looking for a bicycle like that and it looks beatiful. Just have a question ? Are you able to deliver in camden area?


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Sorry that it has taken so long to reply to the messages. I've not received any emails to say that I had received any replies / messages on this.

The bike is still available. I put everything on hold when we went back into lockdown as I am shielding my wife and was not keen for people to come to the house - as I am sure you can appreciate.

dpmatos - I could deliver to Camden as I have an estate car and its not that far from me.

Chrismbk - the bike is still available if you are still looking.

I'd be grateful if you could let me know if you are still interested in the bike; I'm sure we can sort something out. I will look regularly for your replies.

Many thanks and again my apologies for the late response.


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Thanks for the response. Unfortunately not after the bike anymore as it was for my partner and she went with something else. Hope you find a worthy home for it! Chris


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Thanks for coming back to me Chris. Again, my apologies for not getting back to you on your original post sooner.


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I just wanted to put this advert out again in case there is anyone out there that might be interested in this bike. I can deliver up the A1 corridor from London up to Stamford. I shall probably put it onto eBay - as suggested.
Reynolds 531 and Campagnolo 980. It needs to go to a home. Just £200.