Race number hanger..

Helmut Head

Dirt Disciple
Hi all, I've just bought a late 80's road bike and after getting it home I have found that there used to be a race number hanger on the underside of the top tube. It is going to be resprayed so thought I would replace it.

I've searched all over the net (with no success) to find a replacement to braze on - does anyone know where to source one from?

Cheers, Mr Head


Retrobike Rider
Yes, Ceeway do a couple of different versions. Under a quid each, probably.
The site's pretty last century, so give Peter a ring or email and he can send you one.


I've not got any myself in stock, but they are just a small steel plate with an M5 threaded hole.
Alternatively, does your sprayer do small repairs etc.?

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