Purchased a GT Force 1994, need help deciding what to do next


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I’d do a full neo-retro build on it. Find a nice modern bike with something like a 10 speed 105 or above (depending on budget). Swap components over. Sell frame and spare parts on eBay. Something like this…
Wow, that is absolutely breath-taking. Haven't thought about the "neo-retro" option. I'll see what the prices are on the second hand market and, if reasonable, will go down this rabbit hole.

The things which I'd love to change are:

Comfort aka "as soon as possible"
- Shifters
- Handlebar and stem
- Pedals
- Tires

- Wheels (found these https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen...al-profile-clincher-tubeless-ready-502445996/)

- Depending on how often and where I'll ride the GT: Different chainring, ideally 46/30 (if I should keep the 11-28 cog) or 50/34. Attached is a tour I've done recently with my Trek, I want to be able to ride that with the GT too, though a tad slower of course. The original 53/42 in combination with 11-28 is just to "pro" for me.


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