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Hi guys, sorry for the potentially daft question. I'm currently cleaning up some wheels that I think are chrome, I'm using autosol and they're coming up nicely, I'm assuming I need to be careful on the braking surface area of the rim though? Presumably if that gets too smooth it is going to negatively impact on the braking performance? Is there anything specific I should be doing or using on this bit of the rim?



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Polish away :). As long as the surface is clean and not oily then that's chrome for you. Braking performance in the wet is appalling in the wet for any type of chrome rim, maybe look for correct brake blocks?

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I disagree. I wouldn't go near the braking surface with any kind of chemical polish, best to leave alone (or just clean and degrease).

If you absolutely must then some clean wire wool will bring them up, but I would leave alone. The brake pads will do the job for you anyway as soon as you ride it.


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In fact back in the 50 /60s a little oil on the chrome rims improved the braking, depending on the type of brake blocks.



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I clean mine with MAAS metal polish. By far the best on the market, but I do wipe the braking surface with white spirit.

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