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Hi everyone, I'm not sure how many of you remember Tony (Lazarus) but I have just lost his bike. Devastated is an understatement! If you could all keep your eyes peeled for someone possibly selling it I'd be so grateful x20210422_172330.jpg

**Help Needed ** Man’s blue Faggin racer bike, blue tyres and rims, white or black handlebar tape (not blue as in pics)
This is a huge ask but I am trying to track down the person(s) who bought the bike in the attached photos. They would have bought it from Cash Converters London Road, Liverpool, last week (mid April 2021)
This bike was my husband's pride and joy. He died unexpectedly in 2014 from GBM4 - a very aggressive/rapid brain tumour. He had no symptoms until one collapse/fit in June 2014, he had a biopsy and received the results on his 52nd birthday and just 19 days later he died.
He bought this bike in Hamburg in 1981 at 18 years old – it was with his first ever wages. He cycled everywhere. Everyone knew him, everyone knew he was always on his bike. This bike is older than our children, it holds A LOT of happy memories – he had other bikes come and go over the years but this one was part of him – this bike was him.
The reason it was in Cash Converters is because – like a lot of people, covid hit hard. I had to shield as I am classed as clinically extremely vulnerable. I received no income at all for months as I wasn’t furloughed nor did I receive UC so I was desperate. The only thing of value was Tony’s bike and I thought maybe he is looking out for me (by me putting it in there) but then I wasn’t in a position to get it back out due to shielding/no income. I have been back at work for a couple of weeks now and I made the phonecall today to see about getting it back – only to be told they sold it last week. I am absolutely gutted and devastated – I won’t lie, I broke down and sobbed my heart out this afternoon – it was like losing him all over again, this is the only thing I had that was a major part of him and while I still had the bike, I still had him so to speak.
I am appealing to the power of Facebook to try and locate it with the hope of buying it back – I will pay whatever it takes to have this back in our family. It has so much history.
PLEASE share share share this post, or if you know someone who bought a man’s blue Faggin racer about a week ago, please get them to contact me. Thank you for reading to the end !!


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