Please help identifying a Kona


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I would aim for higher up the range for that sort of money.

But next time, get them to give you the serial number.

I completely agree with you. For that sort of money I can probably get a better bike.

It's just the fact that the market for old MTBs is really tight in my country compared to what I see in US or UK sales portals. What people in other countries get as dumpster finds might still cost 100€ here :facepalm: not to mention that you have to be extremely lucky to even find an old MTB in larger frame sizes.

Like me looking for early 90's high end Rocky Mountains or similar Canadian bikes and parts.
Loads turn up on the Canadian pages, but here in the UK it's an arm and a leg or even luckier if it fits into a large frame.

which Country are you in?


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I'm from Estonia. It's quite rare to find anything even slightly decent from the 90s and that's most probably due to historic reasons. Most older bikes from 70s till 90s sold here are Soviet built and they are quite infamous for their lack of quality but that was the best people could get during that era. I have two of them "stored" somewhere in my parents' shed which I am keeping for the future. Maybe someone wants them to a museum in the future :cool:

One of them is a XB3 Rekord which was a entry-level Soviet track bike. I used to ride that as my first fixie back in the days. It's made in Ukraine and is from 1986 (the same year as the Chernobyl disaster took place in Ukraine). The paint is original but not in too good shape. Maybe I find time to post it on the forums one day (if people would be interested).

Most 90s MTBs like the Kona I posted about were imported somewhere around the beginning of 2000s or later I think.