Wanted Panaracer Magic tyres


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Tentatively looking for some very good condition (or NOS) Panaracer Magic tyres for a build.

I’d also take some less than good ones for another build too if priced accordingly.

Looking for UK based sellers please.
I have a pair, along with matching grips and flite saddle.

I don't have a project for them. all were NOS before I put them on a show bike and then took them off again.

I could be temped to sell the lot. Let me find a photo
another angle, so you can see condition better.

and there is a video of the parts being put onto the bike here.



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I’d definitely be interested in the tyres but not the grips/ saddle.

I’m local ish to you (chesterfield) to collect if you want to let me know a price should you wish to sell then separate
ah, sorry I really don't want to split them. I might have some used ones for your other project that I can sell. Let me check when I get a chance.