Orange Gringo


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I've always kept an eye on eBay and Gumtree for 2nd hand bikes within a 20 mile radius of home. I usually restrict any purchases to steel bikes older than 1997 but pickings have been slim lately.

So when I stumbled upon this "Gringo Bike" for a pretty reasonable price and in a decent size I decided to take a punt.

Considering it's 20 years old it's in amazing condition and all the components appear to be original except the saddle and the stem.

I think, though perhaps someone could confirm, that it's from the 2004. It's my first Aluminium Orange so it'll be interesting to see how it compares to the P7's, Clockworks and Prestige bikes I've had in the past.

Anyway here's a couple of pictures, I doubt I'll change much, just the stem and possibly the forks as I've always preferred rigid.


Does anyone have a 2004 Orange Brochure? All I can find is some really low resolution pictures that are pretty much illegible.
I like the stem, is that direct from Orange or an older second hand one?

My Gringo stem is hellish long!

It's a second hand eBay purchase, I'm not sure which model it came from but it it's 25.4 bar clamp so must be reasonably period correct. I suspect the original stem may have been longer but the reach is perfect for me now.
love your gringo bought a frame off ebay and have built it up with parts from a junkyard bike and a 2006 scott tampico finished it yesterday. mine says aj03 but orange bike told me to get a 2005 deralliuer hanger so im not sure how the numbers work 20230916_134234.jpg