Orange frame identification / clarity


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Hi all,

Have been dipping in and out of reading the forums here for a few years (so long I forgot my original user name etc when I wanted to create a post this morning...).

I'd like some guidance on a frame I've just received this morning -

Its an an aluminium Orange of some sort, I believe its an Aluminium 'O' as it has the squared off rear triangle tubes and its dated as December '91 (A112**** if I'm correct).

The reason I'm questioning it is the cable guides don't look like those of other O's I've seen - from what I can see most 'O's have 3 staggered guides on the top tube (although I've seen one on here with a single top tube one and 2 on the down tube...)

Mine are a single piece (3x guides inline) welded to the top tube.

I'm aware Orange weren't known for consistency during production runs - I'm also aware this is probably a pretty dull topic to open with (sorry!).

Lastly, the frame is badly painted black at present but looks like it was originally an orange/white fade which I'd like to return it to. Does anyone know the RAL or paint codes used in the 90s?



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Looks very typical. There were some bad batches of O's with the fade paint flaking. Orange resprayed them matt black under warranty.


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I have an O frame, frame no. starts A106 it looks very similar apart from mine has downtube routed gear cables. It is also matt black but still has decals, the paint finish isn't great to be honest.


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Yep its an O. I sold it to you. The original decals were very tatty and removed. It would of been originally orange white fade, but I believe it was resprayed in the early 90’s by Orange in the black. as they had paint problems with some of the orange white fades. Not sure on RAL code for orange white fade.


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The 1992 models (which this is, two 'models/batches.for this year' and this is the last of them)
They both had top tube routing this year, shorter stays and replaceable mechs hangers, this later one had welded cable stops, the earlier 1992 had rivited stops.